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About US

About US

Rambo Circus was established by Mr. P.T. Dilip on 26 January, 1991. Earlier Mr. P. T. Dilip owned Erina Circus in 1989, then the Great Oriental Circus and Victoria Circus. After combining three circuses he created one big Rambo Circus. It tours all over India & abroad too.

From the very beginning Rambo Circus has always applied innovative ideas and has shown how a circus can keep pace with the ever changing world of entertainment. Even in this time of adversity, the 2nd Generation of Circus Co-Owners (Mr. Sujit Dilip & Mr. Sumit Dilip – sons of Mr. P. T. Dilip) are trying something new each and every time.

The results of such progressing thoughts are pleasantly visible at the Circus in the form of custom made fire and waterproof Italian Tent, international artists, 1st ever indoor circus performance, celebration of International Circus Festival, Free Shows for Orphan Children, etc. In fact, Rambo Circus big-top (tent) is the “Biggest Movable Tent” with a diameter of 235 feet which is custom made. As owners, they always encourage their artists to take part in various television shows and films. In addition to this, they send deserving artists abroad to work with international circuses.


  1. The First Member of “World Circus Federation, Monte Carlo, Monaco” from India.
  2. Represented India internationally in World Circus Day Celebration, 2011 at Monte Carlo and presented a specially created documentary on Indian Circus History. (Read More)
  3. Celebration of the World Circus Day (WCD) in India for 8 years. (Read More)
  4. First ever Indian Circus to organise the International Circus Festival at Bandra, Mumbai for four seasons. (Read More)
  5. Created “History in Indian Circus Industry” by taking circus indoors by holding all HOUSEFUL Circus Shows at Prithvi Theatre at Mumbai. (Read More)
  6. Rambo Circus has been awarded by Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) for tremendous work for Indian Circus Industry.
  7. Movies like Luck By Chance, Mujse Dosti Karoge and TV shows like Comedy Circus, India’s Got Talent as well as many advertisements, music albums, etc. have been filmed at Rambo Circus.