India's International

Rambo Circus

Entertaining since 1991

Celebrities at Circus

On various occasions and events, Rambo Circus is visited by well-known celebrities. They praised the artists and the entire Rambo Circus Team for their hard work and artistry.

Tanushree Dutta on Children's Day
Hrithik Roshan on movie shoot
Ranbir Kapoor with the Owners of Rambo Circus
Sharman Joshi with the Owner of Rambo Circus
Sonu Nigam with the Owner and Artists
Mrs. Sanjana Kapoor with brother Mr. Kunal Kapoor
Ranveer Singh with circus artists

  1. Donation to Drought Relief Fund (20 April, 2013)
  2. India's Representation Abroad! (14 to 25 January, 2011)
  3. Rambo Circus in Theatre (03 June, 2012)
  4. Rambo Circus on TV (20 October, 2010)
  5. Clean India Mission (13 February, 2015)
  6. World's Shortest Man in the Circus (18 March, 2015)
  7. International Circus Festival (02 Nov - 20 Dec, 2015)