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Rambo Circus

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International Circus Festival

Rambo Circus presented the perfect entertainment for everyone in the form of "International Circus Festival - IV" in Bandra, Mumbai. This unique celebration began from November 02, 2015 and continued till December 16, 2015. Rambo Circus brought award winning circus artists from across the globe and with many unique attractions to boast of. Truly a first-of-its-kind with spellbinding feats performed by traditional Indian artists as well as circus stalwarts from countries like, South America, Uzbekistan, Nepal, Ethiopia, Colombia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine - are the highlights of the circus show.

For the first time in the Indian Circus history the Honourable Judges Mrs Sanjana Kapoor (Actor & Famous Theatre Personality) and her brother Mr Kunal Kapoor (Actor, Ad-film Director & Producer and Trustee of renowned Prithvi Theatre) judged the artists plus the audiences voted for their favourite artists after the show.

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